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iMini, the tic tac sized box, measures at its full power Temperature, Relative humidity, CO2, VOC, Light, Lightchange, Soundlevel, G-Force, door or other contact, voltage and inclination. With selectable measures theiMini becomes extremely flexible.The do-it all can be used in fridges, storage rooms, transportation, crop growing, medicine boxes,...

In the iMeasure software the iMini has the same possibilities as it’s big brother iMaxi and the same GAMP5, FDA compliant platform is used to store, trend and evaluate the measures. The iMini is available with Wifi or cellphone  (on demand). It communicates directly with your network or dedicated hotspots according to your needs. The internal memory of + 400.000 measures in total enables it to work standalone for months or even years. Once connection is up all data are sent to the server. The battery lasts from several months to over a year depending on the measuring rate.

It’s directly connectable to a cell phone charger or can be charged wirelessly, easy and fast. Enjoythe extreme flexibility with extraplugins: movement, external probe, counters,... are some examples in the range. Trace it with simplicity, focus on your core business and keep innovating with us. We are partners in creating added value, talk to us and discover the Pleasure to iMeasure.

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