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iMeasure is an Environmental Monitoring System based on the latest technologies, whereby various variables can be combined in one measurement module, the iMaxi. In addition, the iMini, iHealth and iTjilp offer numerous possibilities in various situations. The system is easily accessible to multiple users at the same time with a separate login. No additional costs are charged for viewing stations (clients) and/or extra users.

The measurement data can be consulted on any device that is connected to the internet, such as smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets or a touch panel PC that has an internet browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Alarms can be sent directly to an (optional) light tower with 5 different colors to indicate the status: everything OK, pre-alarm, alarm, technical alarm and no connection to the cloud server. Alarms can also be sent to a smartphone, using the messaging center, with which the alerts are free, unlike SMS alerts, where they are always paying. The system has a complete audit trail and complies with the guidelines set in the EU-GMP Annex 11 and FDA 21 CFR part11. Rights can be configured at user level (operator, supervisor, manager etc) in the software. With this, it can be determined at user level which sensors are visible within the facility and whether the user confirms alarms or not. The platform is configured to measure, so there is no extra cost for installing and maintaining a local server. The security of the system is guaranteed by the highly secured servers.

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