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iMaxi Your do-it-all. Is your measurement process simple or complicated?

Depending on your needs, the right combination of measurements is possible in one datalogger. One measuring device allows to combine up to 3 types of measurements. Temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, differential pressure, 4-20mA, door contacts, analog and digital inputs, and even the measurements of a modbus device are easily integrated.

You choose and compose your device. Accurate, flexible and simple.

Alarm towers, pumps and particle counters can be controlled via the same device. The same principle applies to the power supply; you can choose between: 230 V, 5 V USB connection or PoE.

Finally, you can choose the communication: WiFi, Ethernet or mobile. By making use of your existing communication infrastructure, the project is also extremely cost-efficient.


You choose and set up according to your needs!

  • Power supply: 230V, USB, PoE
  • Communication: Wi, Ethernet, GSM
  • Wallmount on any surface, DIN rail
  • Type of measurement: Temperature, Relative humidity, pressure, pressure difference, air speed, 4-20mA signal, analogue and digital contacts, measurements of particle counters and modbus devices 

Other specs

  • PCABS housing
  • Hardware Location iD
  • Plug and play with iMeasure Software
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +40 ° C
  • Operating temperature of the probe: -80 ° C to +800 ° C (depending on type)


  • Extra Sensor
  • Extra Base
  • Extra Plugins
  • Meetsondes
  • Cables
  • Mounts: Din rail mount, Magnet mount

Another innovation is the "location iD". Through a unique system, the location of your sensor can be determined flawlessly. Calibration is therefore very simple. You do not have to worry about the settings any more, they are automatically taken over from our location iD. In addition, your traceability of your chain is guaranteed in one go. The iD chip automatically links the correct calibration certificates to a specific measuring point.

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