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Indoor air quality is hot news. Especially in environments with kids. Studies show that unhealthy air quality in classrooms causes a lack of concentration and reduces learning performance. Measuring is knowing!

To add a fun factor we developed a birdhouse that measures air quality in schools: CO2, ozone, VOC,…. and even noise levels. Through an app, the school can follow the measurements in real time and consult reports. This approach stimulates awareness, meaning actions can be taken on the basis of our reports. The school can also take measures on a wider scale to improve indoor air quality.

Moreover, an educational aspect is connected to the application to stimulate, inform and encourage the children to embrace the desired behavior.

Also, if you want to share this data with researchers, you can: you decide!


Whether you are a long established company or a fast growing scale-up, our hardware and software will help you achieve compliancy at every step of your production processes. Audits will be like a breeze.


A clear overview leads to a clear decision
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Because patients and their health are at the heart of your organisation. A good decision support is the key to a better service.

Because patients matter
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We are a partner for healthy schools.

Indoor air quality has a big impact on health and childrens ability to learn. Children learn better and faster in a healthier environment. We give you the opportunity to get a hold of the situation.

Canary in the coal mine
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Offices and workplaces

We invest a lot in training and absenteeism policy. The effects aren't always easy to prove. The effects of indoor air quality on the other hand are  strongly substantiated. An increase in performance of up to 35%, sickness reduction also to 35% and a cut-off on burnout of 15%. More info?

Healthy employees perform better
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